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The digital nomad is a fascinating concept that has only become possible in the last several years. This is a vision of a lifestyle filled with adventure and travel, but funded by a stable income with no risk of going bankrupt.

How does it work? Simple: by using computers and other technology, you create a situation where you can work remotely from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Then you pack your bags and travel the world, using your online work to fund your travelling, but at the same time living cheaply in hostels and other places so that you don’t need that much cash to begin with. You can see the world and have countless adventures and all you need is a laptop.

To many this is the ‘ultimate’ lifestyle design for the digital marketer – so it seems only fitting that we touch on it here. But is it the right type of lifestyle for you? It’s certainly not for everyone and it’s not the ‘only’ option for true lifestyle design (as some people seem to think it is!).


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Looking after your health is important but you can also see considerable boosts in your happiness and productivity by looking to your tech and set-up…

The Right Hardware
One tip that I absolutely recommend to all internet marketers, bloggers and other internet entrepreneurs, is to invest in good technology.

When you’re an internet marketer, you’re essentially a one-man (or woman) band. That means that you ARE the business.

Your passion projects are your R&D. And your equipment is your main computer. If you are working on a machine that takes 5 minutes to boot up, that gets hot whenever it is under even a minor workload and that regularly crashes… then you absolutely must upgrade.

You’ll save a huge amount of time by having a computer that springs instantly to life and you’ll avoid those painful moments where your computer crashes and you lose all that work you’ve been doing.

But the reasons to invest in good tech go way beyond that. They extend to the simple fact that good tech is more pleasant and enjoyable to work on. When I upgraded to the Dell XPS 15, I suddenly had a 4K screen, a blazing fast i7 processor with a GPU, a comfortable keyboard and typing experience…


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If you work online full-time, then you might not consider yourself in a particularly dangerous line of work. You’re not exactly a firefighter or a soldier.

But there are still dangers here – they’re just much more subtle. Internet marketers don’t only run the risk of being highly stressed, they also run the risk of getting badly out of shape and even causing issues like RSI (repetitive strain injury).

If you want to be the successful type of internet marketer that we discussed at the start of this book: the one who others perceive as a successful and polished entrepreneur who’s going places – rather than a washed up bum who doesn’t want a real job – then you need to focus on yourself. Not only that, but it is only by focusing on your own health that you’ll do your best work and stand the best chance of success.


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For a long time, I considered myself an internet marketer and I also considered myself very burned out. I wasn’t earning the truly passive income yet and I wasn’t writing about things I loved either.

Then I changed the way I saw myself and started to think of myself as a ‘content creator’. A content creator is very similar to an internet marketer. They do effectively the same job, in that they are creating a brand and promoting it online, in order to subsequently profit from sales or ads.

The difference is that the content creator does this while keeping the focus purely on creating great content: on the brand and the logo itself, on the quality and value being shared via articles etc. The content creator is also far more likely to delve into multimedia as a videographer or as an app developer.


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So just how long should it take for a website to start earning enough money that you can quit your day job?

Likewise, how long would it take you to build a mailing list so that you could make a living purely from affiliate sales brought in via email?

The bad news is that it takes a long time. Internet marketing is not the ‘get rich quick’ scheme that people think it is.

Rather, internet marketing is a strategy that you can use to make money online only if you commit to the job and keep putting out great content and doing lots of active marketing for a long time.


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So pursuing one side project will help you to avoid getting stuck and will allow you to grow your business in a controlled manner. And it also makes a lot of sense from a financial standpoint. If you consider your initial online pursuits to be ‘side projects’ on top of your main career, then this can give you the time and space you need to work on those ideas while still earning an income.

Maybe you’ve yet to start your business. Maybe you are right now still considering the idea of launching a business but you’re worried that you don’t have the resources or the skills necessary.

Well, I’m here to tell you that that is nonsense!


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A lot of entrepreneurs and internet marketers will start out with a dream and a vision: with something that they really believe in and want to make into a massive success.

Maybe you have an idea for an incredible website.

Maybe you just LOVE fitness and want to blog about that for a living.

Or maybe you just get a real kick out of running a business and using technology.

Whatever the case, you know what you really want to do. But it’s not bringing in the cash. At least not yet.


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Let’s start this section by referencing another classic tome on this subject: The 4 Hour Workweek.

The 4 Hour Workweek is a highly successful book from an author called Tim Ferris that attempts to teach people ‘Lifestyle Design’. This is essentially the process of rearranging your lifestyle so that it works for you – rather than working for the system, it means getting the system to work for you so that you have more free time and more money as well.


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Chapter 1: The Challenge of Digital Marketing
Many of us got into digital marketing thinking it was going to improve our lives in major ways. You may even feel that you were ‘promised’ by internet marketing gurus that your life would suddenly be easy once you took up this line of work.

Digital marketing means working online and that in turn means working from anywhere, and without a boss. So of course, life will be easy! You can choose your own hours, you can work out of coffee shops or from beautiful locations…

And you can do it all your own way. Without someone breathing down your neck and shouting at you when you get things wrong.